stuart-photoboxes Stuart Ryan


Truck driver and aerial photographer


80% clean with some cheats. Goal is to fuel the workout!


Skydiving, Base Jumping, Speed Flying, Gym

Stuart‘s Bio

If you see a man flying through the sky it might be Stuart Ryan, not superman. Hailing from Northern Ireland, Stuart has been involved in sky sports since he was very young. He started military jumping at 17, and from there became an avid skydiver. As for base jumping–that’s quite a story. Some fellow skydivers invited him to join an American base jumping course, but then his friends chickened out. Stuart decided jumping off mountains still sounded like a good idea, and went anyways. Over 8 years later, he’s still jumping!

His achievements include hiking to the mushroom exit at the Eiger in Switzerland and leaping off wearing his wing suit. His favorite foods include pizza, slow cooked meat, and anything sweet. One of his goals as part of Team Fury is to show people that sky sports is not about daredevils taking unreasonable risks, but rather that it is a serious sport that athletes go to great lengths to prepare for and take seriously.


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