jonathon1 Jonathan Saxton


Oregon Air National Guard


Balance macros! Loosely follow the RP diet.


Olympic Weightlifting

Jonathan‘s Bio

Jonathan Saxton has spent most of his life in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Jonny has always been on the move, and was doing back flips by age 6. Not only a lover of fitness, Jonny plays guitar and bass. When he was 16 almost dropped out of school to become a rock star and tour with his band. After completing his first lifting competition, he was hooked and knew it was going to be his passion. He is as love as with it today as when he first competed.

His accomplishments include competing in 2014 and 2015 nationals, and qualifying for multiple American Open competitions. He aims to compete at the Olympic Trials someday. He hates being hungry and loves all food. As an ambassador for team Fury, he wants to do everything he can to grow the sport of weightlifting and contribute to the athletic and fitness world. Jonny is deeply involved with growing the sport of weightlifting in the youth athlete world and aspires to develop strength programs at high schools.


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