I’d like to start by wishing everyone a happy new year and here’s to what I hope will be an awesome 2017.

The Team has had its fair share of up’s and downs this year but in true Team Fury spirit we have persevered and pushed through and whilst there hasn’t been the levels of jumping we would of hoped there has been a good level of progression by all .

As a team we have been away to Poland to a wind tunnel training camp to brush up on our skills and learn some new ones. On the jumping side we haven’t done much collectively due to injuries at different times. Excuses aside we should all be good to get back at it around in the New Year. With at least a couple of good ideas that we want to keep under wraps until closer the time.

Starting off with Linzi. She has been to Portugal on several occasions and has racked up many jumps despite having shoulder surgery at the start of the year then the recent broken/dislocated ankle towards the end. She has shown no end to her progression with both her tracking and freefly skills and I can only imagine how far she will go when she is back to full health in the New Year. When Linzi isn’t jumping she is still training hard and could put us to shame in the gym .

Aaron, despite being one of his quieter jumping years has still been very active with B.A.S.E jumping trips in the south of France and skiing/Speedriding trips in Verbier, France on two occasions and has still found the time to compete at the world Canopy Piloting Championships in Montreal, Canada, The Eurocup and UK championship canopy piloting meet in Dunkeswell, England. And to top it off has just passed his Riggers exam making him qualified to repair our equipment.

Simon has been grinding away at the DZ, week in week out smashing the jumps and has recently started his progression into being a qualified tandem instructor. When he’s not at the DZ he can be found either at the beautiful beaches or in the mountains of Donegal …… or in the coffee shop. Whatever Simon gets up to you can be sure there’ll be plenty of laughs and good times.

As for myself, I have been continuing the slow process of rehab and still train most days. My first taste of human flight was in Poland where I managed a bit of time in the tunnel seeing what I could and couldn’t do and although it took me a few minutes to get the feeling back it was good to be flying again . I have done a few short speed flights in the Mourne Mountains and the Black Mountains and climbed an antenna to see how I managed. All in all I feel confident for an awesome 2017.

I would like to take this Opportunity to thank our sponsors BARBELL FURY for their continued support this past 2 years providing us with not only awesome apparel and gear that we use but also for providing us with the Platform to showcase what we do best. Here is to a great 2017.