Physical Culture Trainer for the UAE Military


Clean eater. High protein, low carbs. Not scared of fats.


MTB, Adventure Racing

Gregory’s Bio

Gregory Adler is always on the go, usually on his bike. Apart from being a crucial part of what has been required for his work with the military over the years, Greg has always taken pride in maintaining his fitness. His fitness is the platform he has used to launch into various fields, sporting or other. He got started in all things bikes and racing when he was a kid after riding a cruiser bike down a dirt hill. He’s been cruising ever since. Growing up in Western New South Wales, he served in the Australian Army for 10 years and now resides in Dubai with his wife.

His accomplishments include placing top 5 in annual MTB races in the UAE over the past 2 years and finishing 2nd out of 40 with his team in the Open Beast Spartan Race 2016. Greg loves cooking and eating clean, but he’s not scared of cake. He trains to eat! As a part of Team Fury, he strives to always push himself harder and accomplish more than the day before. Not only an avid biker, Greg also competes in endurance races such as Spartan Race and Tough Mudder.


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