Welcome to our Team Fury athlete page! This page will introduce you to our athletes with interesting bios and pictures of them in action. Here at Barbell Fury, our athletes are number one, as they represent what we stand for as a brand. They are so much more than what you see in pictures. Think about the 3 hour long hike up a mountain the skydivers/base jumpers must take before they get to take the leap. Consider the fact several of these athletes are raising families and working all while staying dedicated to their training. They spend hours bettering themselves for the sake of their sport, despite other responsibilities and obstacles. This is Fury. It is a privilege to represent and support these badass individuals and we hope they are as significant an inspiration to you as they are to us.

Jonathan Saxton

Olympic Weightlifting

Jonny has spent his whole life growing up in the pacific NorthWest. He has resided in Klamath Falls, Oregon for 16 years now. Jonny has played guitar and bass ever since he was 12, and when he...

Gregory Adler

MTB, Adventure Racing

Gregory Adler is always on the go, usually on his bike. Apart from being a crucial part of what has been required for his work with the military over the years, Robert has always taken pride...

Haley Hamilton


Haley started off in athletics as a sprinter before she was introduced to CrossFit in 2014. She was instantly hooked with the variety of challenges that CrossFit presented, and immediately...

Reece Mellish

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Born to compete, Reece Mellish grew up in a small beach town on the Mid-North Coast of Australia surfing, boxing, and playing soccer. After several years in the Australian Army, he discovered MMA...

Robert Pankhurst


Robert Pankhurst is originally from England, where he spent the majority of his life until moving to Dubai with his wife of 12 years and 2 very spirited boys and little girl. Robert is always looking...

Stuart Ryan

Skydiving, Base Jumping

If you see a man flying through the sky it might be Stuart Ryan, not superman. Hailing from Northern Ireland, Stuart has been involved in sky sports since he was very young.

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