Since I have started writing regular blogs I have been having trouble finishing them. It seems the more I look into a particular subject matter, I find myself swaying from left to right on the viewpoint I am writing about. I find it to be more like a meditation where you are going over in your mind one objective and how to achieve it and treating each subject as a sort of mantra. The more I look at it, the less of a conclusion I seem to be able to come to. At the moment it seems to be about training philosophies and the arising questions about whether or not we have been doing it wrong this whole time. On my latest piece, I haven’t been able to finish on deadline and don’t want to just throw it out there without having a well-structured point to make. Maybe I should just pull the trigger and post some inviting the rebuttal and potential debate. While I continue this debate with myself, I will instead leave you this month with a quick update on what the team has been up to and what we have planned for the next season.

Both Linzi and I have been signed off to jump, so now all we are waiting on is for the new membership year to start and a decent weather day! We should be doing a few social media posts on our return soon, so keep an eye out. I wont lie, i’m bricking it, but with my friends around me I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Simon has been smashing his way through the Tandem instructor course and is flat out revising for his upcoming exams. When he’s not a flying camera at his local DZ, he can often be found out and about at some of the beaches or mountains of Donegal.

The future for the team is looking bright with a full season ahead including a BASE trip to the Blackpool AirgameZ, which involves a 400ft crane, a beach, and a dozen or so jumpers Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook or Youtube page to see what we’re up to!
Apart from all that, it has been business as usual–training, blogging, and training for the new season.