Built from a passion and drive for fitness, Barbell Fury embodies the motto to “Live Without Limits.” Barbell Fury is also an advocate and supporter of all interests that require the same type of focus, physical and mental, and strength stamina combined with a portion of calculated risk and daring.

How did the idea for Barbell Fury come about? Having previously worked on several contracts overseas simultaneously, a strong friendship had been forged between us (Paul L. and Paul W.). One day while working in Afghanistan, we met over coffee and started discussing our shared desire to put time and effort into our passion: fitness. From that point on things were set into motion.

The vision for Barbell Fury is to be an all-encompassing brand focused not only on fitness, but the lifestyle it establishes. We began casting the net further in order to branch out from solely the standard CrossFit and gym platforms. This expanded focus was inspired by our own circle of friends who have other interests and passions for living. With this broader focus and shared excitement, Barbell Fury gained momentum and began to expand on its own.

We have great plans and goals to progress as an organisation. We aspire to encourage people from all walks of life to exceed their own expectations, not just related to fitness, but also the day to day. We want our tag line, Live Without Limits, to become their personal one as well.